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Thanks for the reply. I had the first meeting with the pulmonologist today, and he wants a PET/CT test next. Then I'll meet with him again. He also indicated that he will be doing a biopsy after the PET, which doesn't sound like he thought going without it was an option.

He prescribed two different inhalers. Asmanex for daily use, and Proventil if I have any real emergencies where I can't get enough breath. At least at this point I doubt I'll crack the latter open.

I have to admit I'm a bit scared. The doc indicated that right now he thinks it is sarcoidosis, and not lymphoma. I don't think either diagnosis is great news, but I would certainly prefer not to hear cancer.

This is the thanks I get for never smoking, and bicycling over 1000 miles again this year. I wish I had a clue what caused this!