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I take Advair 500 twice a day; Spiriva and my fast acting Salbutamol. I did take a Singular tonight because today I am having a difficult time getting enough of a breath.

Advair and Singular will not stop an asthma attack or quickly remedy your labored breathing, for that you need a fast acting orally inhaled airway opener such as Ventolin,Salbutamol,Aupent or Proventil. If you do have asthma you should always carry your Ventolin or any of the other fast acting airway dilators with you. It sucks when you feel like you can't breath and than it gets worse out of anxiety.

I tend to feel better pretty quick on the Singular, I don't take it on a regular bases but I did tonight as it relaxes your airways. I do feel better already-you should be feeling better soon. If not go back to your Dr and get a fast acting airway opener.

Good luck