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I also have severe Endo, I have had to have 6 laparoscopies and a laparotomy in the past 3 yrs. They wont do a hyst on me bc i am only 25 but understand the pain you are in. I am now on the depo provera shot and taking 2 birth controll pills a day to help the pain and the spread of the endo. you are right about the endo pain and the rsd pain being similar, and recently i really dont know if the RSD has spread to my abd. or its just my endo acting up?

But to answer your question, I am also in the understanding that any surgery can trigger RSD. I mean that if you already have RSD and you need to have surgery, then it might spread to the incision site and then go from there. I havent had any more GYN surg since i had RSD bc of this , and my doc says ineed to ahve it or else my fertility will be in question, but i dont want to haev the RSD spread.. He thinks its just the massive adhesions that i have causing the probs but the endo is visible and i have chronic cysts on my ovaries too..soo?? I would ask you PM doc if surg will worsen your RSD?? I Hoped I helped a little..