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Well good to hear from you. Called the obgyn and of course she was on vacation....The nurse from another doctor in the offices told me to start taking two of these Provera's a day and that was a week ago and finally am getting it slowed down some. Have killer headaches and last couple days feel like I have the flu, but had the shot in Oct for that. My nephew who is a nurse said it is not exactly the flu but is because I got the shot and sometimes the symptoms are duplicated. Comes and goes with me hot and cold pain all over kinda achy. Just wish the weather would get cold and stay that way to kill off some of these germs. Tried to call obgyn today, think she is back from vacation, but of all things the phones were out at work and by the time I get home they are gone for the day. My cell won't work there because the office is in a valley with high hills all around. And couldn't got to the top of the hill because of high water(my office is behind a dry dam and they closed the gates for flood control on the other side of the dam) Now have you ever had one of those days, or rather seems life??????????????LOL
Good to hear from you and always glad to entertain you with my life story.....
The pill I am taking is called Provera in case you want to ask about it, and from what the nurse told me, it is to stop the bleeding so the doctor can do a biopsy. That is the 20th, and am down to almost nothing now, but two of them a day didn't stop anything and I think it is giving me horrible headaches. Geesh it is bad enough to have all these back problems without other things mesing up in our bodies!!!!! I have read about fibromalygia before and my mother-in-law has it and swears that is all that is wrong with me, but then my in laws are a whole other story.....
My drive to work takes me about a half an hour which is the limit to what doesn't hurt in a vehicle. Now I have high water to drive around and it takes me an hour to get to work and home, so the ole back is starting to act up. I am sitting here looking at what I call Lake Walhonding. The town I work in is Walhonding and sits behind a dry dam used for flood control on rivers further south. Two of the o****ies south of here flooded really bad this past weekend so they completely closed the gates at the dam and the water came up in about three hours to cover the road that I normally get to work on. It shuts us off from the world except a back way in so my usually quiet office is now eerily quiet-LOL. The only people that come in are locals to discuss past stories of the high water....
And yes can relate to the cold. Told our high is 9 and windy. And it looks like we will have high water for about two weeks, wonderful!!!
The cold really has affected my back, must be the arthritis that I now know I have, and can tell that is what hurts. Still haven't heard from the back doc on rescheduling the injections and had another set scheduled for next week so might call today.
Stay warm and great to hear from you and keep in touch!!
Mary Anne