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Hello, I was diagnosed with a "PITUITARY MACROADENOMA" (Pituitary Tumor) back in late November, 1998. Long story short, I STILL have this tumor, and it has grown to twice the size. Symptoms I have, or have had, include;
Severe weight gain-70 pounds, headaches, dizzyness, virtigo, blood pressure changes,depression,anxiety, vision problems, minus-of mentral periods, high prolactin levels, and low estrogen levels. Not to mention the tremendous amount of stress this has all caused me. Currently, I am in the process of going to "SEVERAL" specialist Doctors; Endo, Neuro, Eye doc, and Neuro-surgeon, for further opinions as to what I should do now? So far, I have had 3 Doctors tell me that I need to get this Tumor Removed. The dreaded "BRAIN SURGERY". :eek:
I have had 6 MRI brain scans done already, and am scheduled for another MRI(7th) brain scan "TOMORROW" morning. ( APRIL 25, 2005 ) I have to go see a Neuro-Surgeon (Andrew Metzger) on: ( APRIL 28, 2005 ). He will be reviewing ALL my past MRI BRAIN SCANS, and records, and giving me his opinion. Which sounds more than likely brain-surgery at this point. I have been told in the past, that this tumor is a secreting tumor? And NOW, I am being told that this tumor does NOT seem to be a secreting tumor. And is more than likely a "NON-Secreting" Tumor? Which should be taken OUT! "REMARKABLY", my last eye exam (and) visual fields tests ( APRIL 12,2005 ) come back normal. In fact, I still have 20/20 vision! Which has AMAZED all the Doctors!!!! Since I have had this Tumor for more than least 7 years. And, I have had some vision problems in the past due to the tumor. Needless to say; I AM VERY VERY SCARED!!!!!!! (Brain Surgery OMG!)
I have NOT had a period (since Jan 2005)) in over 3 months! My Neuro Doc put me back on meds ( DOXTINEX) to try and help keep the tumor from growing any larger. The tumor is causing stalk compression.
Also, my Neuro-Doc has prescribed for me to take doses of "Synthetic Hormones" therapy (Provera) for 10 days each month. This is to MAKE me have a period. But, I DO NOT want to take them. Since Synthetic Hormones have been known to cause various types of Cancers. I am currently just taking the DOXTINEX medication; (Dopamine Inhibitor). Thus far all things point to me needing to have Brain Surgery to remove the Tumor. It's NOT going away with meds! Doctors claim, that IF this had been a SECRETING tumor, then, the Doxtinex meds should have shrunk it down to NOTHING! Just not sure who to trust to do this very sensitive and scary Brain Surgery????? Has Anyone here ever heard of a Doctor "ANDREW METZGER"? (Neuro-Surgeon) Has he done Brain Surgery on anyone here????? Please talk to me. I need all the help and re-assurance I can get! :confused: Bless you All :angel:
Afraid in New Mexico:wave: