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Hi Mamma

Are you speaking of Depo Lupron shot???
If so, please see thread "seizures happen around your period, good news for you". I think you will find that indeed it has done wonders for me!!


No,I'm talking about the depo provera shot. It's a birth control but for most women it keeps them from having a period at all. Just curious if anyone else has tried it
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I don't think it is an actual treatment for epilepsy it's just that I only have seizures during my period so my dr's think, well hope, that is they can stop my periods they can stop my seizures. And the sex drive part for me its kinda workin oppisite on that and i called and asked them see before I didn't have much of a sex drive and now its there 24/7 lol I'm sure you didnt want to know all that they say it does different things to different people so I guess we'll see :) :wave:

That is all very interesting. When I first started having seizures (which we now know are related to my hormones and happen most frequently around my period) I had just happened to also start on Depo-Provera. I do think this controlled my seizures, though there is no way for me to prove it. I had been on the shot for almost 4 years, or maybe 5. At one point while I was on it, my neurologist took me off my seizure meds also- When I did come off Depo- I started Loestrin(birth control) while on no other seizure meds- I went a year seizure free being just on Loestrin. Then, later I accidentallly stopped my birth control all together because of issues with my insurance- then, boom! I started having seizures monthly. This was my first time having gran mals that often- so we realized that somehow my birthcontrol had controlled my seizures that year I was off meds... it's weird, but somehow having a stabilized period helped with my seizures. I am actually now looking at taking Progesterone. Do you know if Depo-provera has a higher level of progesterone? Apparently it is the estrogen that causes seizures and any fluctuations in estrogen...
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Hi all!

Just a quick footnote, Depo Provera and Depo Lupron are two different drugs. I just wanted to mention that for those who may be confused on that. I know I was before I started the Lupron!!