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you know, when I called my mil to help terri with her med question, we got to talking about me. I brought up my knees hurting badly then went on to tell her how ALL my joints hurt. My wrist, my ankles, hips, back, neck, knees. That can't be normal in someone like me, then you look at my primary diagnosis being arthritis of neck and back. This gets a little personal, but we can't have normal sex anymore-when I am on top, he has to straighten my legs out they get stuck when bent, and my ankles are killing me too-if I am on bottom and say legs are up, he has to do that too from hips and knees. You can't tell me that is normal. I did have the one injury to my knees, but they have degenerated awefully fast and there are too many joints involved to be normal. I can't sit on my knees, cross my legs, sit with knees to chest, sit on hands (like keeping them warm ) and so on. Did you know that JFK was diagnosed with Osteoporosis at age 20 and wore a brace. Plus, I am on Depo Provera and have been for almost eleven years. Never did take in much calium either (more lately, but the damage may be done) and wouldn't it be important to know this for a fusion?? I know I have to be coming off as a hypochondriac, but I swear I am not making this up! I am going to call my dr tomorrow and get in to see her before my surgery, and see if we can get a bone density test, just to be on the safe side. If it is negative, well then we know it is general arthritis, but if it is osteo then it needs to be treated-I could be debilitated by the time I am 35!
Please, I welcome your thoughts on this issue. I hadn't even thought about it until she brought it up. Plus, maybe this will help someone else?????