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Good Morning all you Hipsters,

It is wonderful to come here and read everyone else's experiences and be able to relate to so many things that you all went through or are going through.

I had asked about having my period during surgery...well I am very please to say I think that problem is resolved. When I saw my gyno this week and I explained that I didn't need to have my period stopped for a long period of time, just a few days, she was able to give me a scrip for Provera which will stop a period that has started but just for a short time. Works for me!!! So if my period does start I can use it, if not i won't have to take any unneccasary drugs in my system.

I had my full physical this week also and everything else is just great. Good to go. My GP's office screwed up however and I was not able to donate my blood to bank at that time. So it looks like I will only have one unit of blood banked instead of 2. Did anyone else have to bank blood? My surgeon dosen't feel it is a big requirement, but since I am having both hips done it wouldn't hurt.

Did you guys have 'hip classes' mandated? Ours is next week at the hospital. I will also have blood banked, and a pre-op physical there on the same day. The classes last about 3 hrs, so I am hoping we will be covering most all aspects. I do want to talk to the anethesiologist. I would like to have an epidural instead of general.

Did the hospital provide you with most of your aids, or did you have to buy them? Balleteach, can you squat?? I show dogs and need to be able to do that when setting them up in the ring. One of my close friends who is only 42, and a dog show person is having her right hip done one week after I am. Same surgeon:0. That is one of her most pressing questions...."will I be able to show the dogs??" She has boxers, I have Siberians. So we have to do a fair amount of running too.

The other great news is the fact that my surgeon has not 'outlawed' running!!! He is not thrilled with it, but he knows how much it means to me. For that reason, he is going to use metal/plastic instead of ceramic/ceramic. I have agreed to not run long distances, only on soft surfaces and with the most cushion shoes possible.

It sounds like many of you are athletic both before and after your surgery. That must have made a difference in your recovery. Balleteach, did you have minimal incision? I am not sure they were doing that 10 yrs ago, where they? The fact that they don't need to cut muscle must make recovery a lot faster too. Can you tell I am soooooo ready to end all this pain and get on with my life? I just can't wait to get going again. I am working hard to stay in good shape, but it hurts.

Wigs, what is MRSA? I was given hibiclens to wash the incision sites the night before and the morning of surgery. As far as supplements, I have been taken MSM, G/C and Sam-e for several years. I think they all helped some, but when there is no cartilage left there is not much they can do. But I have other joints, so I will keep taking them. I do not avoid any foods for the arthritis per say, but do avoid all red meats, dairy, all transfats or processed foods. I use a lot of soy and as much organic and whole foods as possible. Who schedules the visiting nurse? I have not been told anything about that yet.

Oh yea, one more question. What time of wound closesur did most of you have? Staples or sutures? And how soon did they come out?

Have a great day everyone.