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I just want to say I am sorry you are having such a difficult time. As a former endo suffer-er, I can relate. I ended up with a total hysterectomy at 26 to resolve my pain due to the endo. You came here looking for pain med advice - you obviously need a more understanding doctor- the pain of endo is very intense and life altering - I remember it well. The relief from my hysterectomy was great.

As someone who has been there and done that, I hope to offer a suggestion: If you have not first tried everything else pre-hysterectomy ... please do. I have 2 beautiful girls, and was SURE about my decision (I thought) and was ready to do anything to stop the pain. They made me have psych appts to make sure I wouldn't have 2nd thoughts and sue the doctors. I did have depo provera, and was in a chemical menopause, as well as numerous surgeries (laser, severing nerves, etc...). What I didn't realize was the effect that having a total hysterectomy would have on the rest of my body at such a young age. I fully believe that I would have had the hysterectomy at that point regardless- just to end the pain. However now I suffer from osteoporosis (I also have RA and asthma so I also have had lots of prednisone that doesn't help), crazy mood swings, and emotional stuff way beyond what "normal" 33 year olds should experience (then again we are all on pain boards so what is normal?? :jester: ), Even tho I'd had my babies, I ended up divorced (my ex-hubby couldn't "deal" with a menopausal wife) and when I re-married wanted (want) a baby so bad I question the hysterectomy daily (iregardless of the fact that my back and bones would make carrying one absolutley impossible even if I had the "parts"). It changed who I was as a person - even tho I swore it wouldn't. Also, to add to the fun, I still had pelvic pain- I ended up with adhesions that required (so far) 1 surgery and probably another soon to clear them out. I wasn't allowed any HRT due to the endo-so I woke up in cold hard menopause... not fun.

I am not trying to undermine your pain, or vent - just want to offer an opinion from someone who has been in your shoes...I made my decision from a place of pain and fear and desperation, and if I can help you to see there may be a better choice, that is my goal - and I am sorry if I come across any other way :angel: Please get your pain under control. Get a doctor who is understanding and aware of the latest treatment options for endo (I understand there is so much more they can do now). Get into a support group and make an informed decision (I didn't-obviously). Then, and only then, make a decsion from a place of power...