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Hi there,
I too have just been diagnosed with Osteopenia, I am 22, and have been on Depo Provera for 7 years. My new doctor recommned I have a bone scan when I said I was on Depo and needed another perscription, as I had been on it so long. I knew it could cause bone loss, but my other doctore said I was young and didnt have to worry about it. I was shocked to find out the results. I am scared, but know I still have to live, I am joining the gym, and my doctor has me on 1500mg of Calcium from 1000. I am going to change my diet, even though, i do eat a lot of veggies and meat. My doctor doesn't want to put me on drugs, as I am so young, and she didn't know the effects of it long term. Can I regain my bone loss? Or will it just stay as it is and get worse? Does anyone know? Any helpful hints?? Tofu benifits?? Soy Milk??
Soy products have added calcium and sometimes just as much as regular milk/dairy. Sorry you found out about the dangers of depoprovera after long time use. Can you take something else less damaging?