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Hi Momma

I did do some research on these shots that my Neuroendocrinologist had mentioned to me. One was Lupron and also there is an Add back therapy which includes both Estrogen and Progesterone. There is also Depo-Provera shots. These both stop your cycles in hopes to reduce your seizures.
I am really not familiar with either one of these but maybe someone could help us out with this??
I for one DO NOT want a hysterectomy!

Anyone who could give us some more insight on this??

Hi ladies,

Depo-Provera shots are a birth control. My sister had them when they first came out many many years ago. They say that after a certain amount of time (it varies with everyone but usually around 3 months) your periods stop completely! You must continue to have the shots done monthly or every third month. Not to sure. Anyway, it is as common as the pill only you don't have to remember to take it EVERYDAY and it STOPS your periods. I don't know if that would work. Just because your period stops doesn't mean that you don't get hormone surges. Heck!! What do I know? I am not a doctor!

God Bless you guys and sorry I couldn't be more help.

Hi Kathy and Vicki,
Thanks so much for the help... I do have an appointment scheduled with an endocrinologist, but not a neuro-endocrinologist. My doctor wasn't aware of neuro-end in our city- and this is Minneapolis... Anyways, I think I am ready to come off my birth control- I talked it over with my fiance, and we both feel that now is a good time to try it. It is so weird, though that birth control doesn't seem to cause me to have seizures, it actually helps, but I need to be on a certain kind. It has to be Loestrin- I tried some Ortho-type, but I ended up having more seizures with that... I also think that Depo Provera had controlled my seizures the years that I was taking that. I was also on Depakote at that time...
So do you think the endocrinologist might help? What do you suggest I say/ask... I'm terrible with doctors- I never get my way, they intimidate me... I think sometimes I say things wrong.
Thanks so much for all the help-
just thought I would jump in on this thread. I started having seizures around the age of 15 and all of my seizures happened while I was having my period. the only time I was seizure free was the 3 times I was pregnant. After trying every med and even vns surgery I got to reading some things and talked one of my drs into trying something I was always convinced that if they could stop my periods they could stop my seizures so in feb. of this year I got my dr to give me the depo provera shot it is a birth control. Like normal I had spotting for a couple weeks and in that time had one seizure but I havent had any since and I feel great. For some of you it might be worth checking into. Just a thought
:confused: hi ladies sorry to stick my nose in to womens problems. but my wife suffered from endometriosis which put her in alot of pain during her period so the Dr put her on a drug called depo provera. she had it via injection to the hip. which suppressed her periods for up to 3 months there for she was not in pain when it got close to 10weeks she had another jab. would this work the same way?? p.s the reason im reading through this is i have TLE and new to this web site.
Regards Shane. :wave:
This is VERY much a real condition and I have it after fighting with Neuros and specialists for over 12 years I finally just went to my family doc convinced him to start giving me depo provera shots and my periods stopped.... for a while my body got used to it so my periods came back as did my grand mal seizures we them stepped it up a level to Lupron depo a once a month injection that basically put me into a medically induced menopause. It worked no seizure the down fall of it though is that a woman can only be on it for so long so in march of 07 I had a complete hysterectomy and have been seizure free ever since. I know it was drastic but it worked for me and I have no regrets at all I am now able to drive Im able to take my kids to the park without that fear of having a seizure. If you have any other questions feel free to ask I must go to work now or I would write more