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Hello, went to the Dr for a period that went on for 12 days, stopped, started again for about a day and a half and appears to have stopped again.
Up until now I've had fairly normal periods unless you count the extreme pain and it's never excessively heavy(sometimes a little heavy in the first couple of hrs) other than that it's fine.
I've never been able to really find a good gynecologist. It's basically a crap shoot.
My chief complaint is that she didn't test my hormone levels. I've done some research online(there isn't alot about progesterone deficiency) that says sometimes progesterone is normal but estrogen may be high but the only way to know is to be tested. And if the body gets used to the man made stuff it has to have it rather than make it naturally.
MOst people consider me a health nut. I guess to a large degree I am. I'm not die hard against pharmaceutical meds but I want to make sure I can't avoid taking them.
I don't want to be worse off than when i started. And there are alot of side effects(serious ones) with provera. It is short term so maybe not as bad as if I took it long term but I feel it foolish not to consider them. The biggest one being increased risk of heart attack, stroke, blood clots(in the legs, eyes which can cause blindness) and less serious ones like headache, dizziness, PMS symptoms, tachycardia(which I already have and take medicine for and can be very serious), etc.
Since it's only for a few days I don't fear it as much as if I had to stay on the stuff but I do have family history of heart attack, stroke, clotting in the legs, high blood pressure, etc.

I'm 38 and a little young for menopause. BUT it's not a disease.

I would like to naturally rebalance my hormones without taking these synthetic things if possible. I'm not saying I absolutely won't take it because I can't tolerate two weeks of periods every month.
I read online that stress can affect your hormones. For the past few months I have been under a lot of stress. Lately it's been alot better but I did go through 6 different infections and as many antibiotics so I wondered if that could have had something to do with it. And on top of that I think I've developed a slight yeast infection. I don't normally get those. I usually get the bacterial infections but at the end of one run of antibiotics I started to notice symptoms and then the next time at the end of the antibiotics again. I didn't take anything bwcause I'm so susceptible to bacterial infections and the symptoms went away when I stopped the antibiotics but I still wonder if that could have affected me this month. I was a week late before the 12 day period and in the past I've been late if I had an infection. In the past I've also had problems with some abnormal bleeding if I had an infection which went away as soon as the infection did.

Found more info on estrogen than anything else. Read that soy helps balance estrogen.
Right now, with the exception of this abnormal period I'm doing pretty well. No hot flashes, nothing like that.
I know from past experiences of taking other meds for stuff that they almost always cause side effects which must be weighed against how badly I need it. My tachy med definitely caused some side effects when I first got on it and it took over a year for my body to adjust to it and I did better than lot of people I've read about but had to take it, had no choice, nothing else controlled heart rate and was dangerously high. Took meds for OCD and they made me feel awful and caused some horrible side effects. Alot of times even antibiotics cause side effects on me. Even some vitamin supplements will do it. I learned many years ago from taking something the Dr gave me that side effects can linger even after the dreadful pill is stopped and can take forever to get back on kilter and learned to pay attention to what I'm taking.

Anyway, sorry for such a long post. I can't find much about regulating progesterone naturally so if anyone knows of anything or where I might the info I'd much appreciate it.
My Periods were "off" for a good 5 or so Years.I took Provera 10 MG's the first 10 Day's of each Month.It was my "saver",but I didn't want to rely on something that was "Man made".I did lots of reading and what I did that finally helped me was:Changed my Diet.I cut out a lot of Bread,Red Meat,processed Foods,Sugar,started drinking a good quality Water,consuming lots of fresh raw Garlic,supplementing to fill in my Food gaps,sucked on Organic Australian Tea Tree/Cinnamon sticks and taking Cinnamon Bark Tincture.My Periods have been regular as clockwork ever since with no non-stop Bleeding (knock on Wood!!!).I'm 34 BTW and was Bleeding without ceasing starting at age 25.I have been told Chasteberry/Vitex is good for such problems.[/FONT]
I only take Provera for ten days every six months. I am sixty three and have taken Premarin for 25 years. I feel Provera is poison. But for ten days out of six mos it doesn't concern me. I take it in an attempt at sloughing off the uterine lining. I am heavily into alternative medicine, as a consumer, also. I"ve been successful and read a lot about it. I had a bad candida attack 3 days ago and spent day #1 in bed, very weak w/a stomach ache. I started taking grapefruit seed extract capsules every 5 hours. Today I feel terrific.
Yesterday, I was much better, up and around, but slightly tired. You can buy progesterone creams to rub on your wrist every day,I like the Emerita brand. I have no idea if the cream is as strong as provera but it's safe with no side effects.