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I married my DH in June 05. We started trying immediately. After AF did not show for 5 months and then again it did not show for 2 months. I decided to seek help and went to my OB. We tried 4 rounds of clomid and nothing... no ovulation. We were then referred to an RE in July 06. She did and ultra-sound and and blood work and diagnosed me with PCOS. I went on Metformin and started working out. In the meantime my DH was sent for a SA just to make sure he was ok. Well he was not ok. His came back at 6.8mil/ml and his morphology was 4% :( So he was referred to a urologist that specialized in infertility. We went to his appt and found out he had a large variocele. So we scheduled his surgery for September 06. His surgery went well and we had to anxiously wait it out until Dec to do a repeat SA and then Jan 07 to find out the results. His results shocked us all (including the doctor). His count went up to 114mil/ml and his morphology went up to 11%!! We were so excited and for once it seemed like things were going our way. We went back to our RE and she laid out our plan of attack. I was going to stay on Metformin and try a med similar to Clomid (can't remember the name) and timed BD. I was suppose to call in 14 days if AF hadn't came for her visit. Well she didn't show so I took a HPT and it was neg so I could start Provera. I started it and then about 5 days into that I started to be really really really hungry. A hunger I had never had. I just had a feeling that maybe I was pregnant. So we went to the store and bought some HPTs. I came home and took one and to my amazement it was a BFP!!! I was so completely happy and scared at the same time. I wasn't sure what effect if any Provera would have on a pregnancy. I called my RE and was told to come in for a Beta. My Beta looked great and the repeats all more than doubled!!! Me and my DH were just soooo very excited!! In November 07 our healthy and beautiful daughter Neely was born. I guess you could say I've never gotten over the shock of that BFP. I thought I never see one and now here I have a precious little girl that I think God for every single day.

I still remember how terrible infertility was. Even though I have a precious baby I'm still afraid that infertility will haunt us again when we decide to add on to our family. I always check back on the infertility board and get sooo very excited and teary eyed when I see someone finally get that BFP!! I hope that my story can be inspiration to someone.