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I'm so sorry. I hope someone on here with an official medical background can comment on your massive period with the coumadin. I am telling you, when I had that first period after several months, I seriously thought I was dying. I didn't know someone could bleed that much and be "normal". If it is truly your period, then that is a shedding of an existing (yet overgrown due to months of no period) uterine lining. I just am not sure if the coumadin would have any effect on that. I am hoping it is all one big bad coincidence and if someone could just treat your pain.

Your uterus is contracting likely to shed the blood and this is pulling on your already twisted ovary and who knows what else. I understand about how you have previously been treated at ER's but at this point, can you afford not to go? At least you would have the medical records for your lawsuit(s) later!! I would hope that you could be admitted for IV pain meds and sleeping. Please put aside your fear for now and go!!

(P.S. During that nightmare period I am referring to, I was hospitalized for another reason overnight - I had both flu strains A and B at the same time and was dehydrated. The nurse had quite a time keeping my bed clean with my gushing horrible period situation. And yet, it was all considered normal.

When I later finally went to an gynecologist, she said that when the body skips periods, and then finally has one, the lining doesn't often shed fully and entirely. It becomes one big hormonal mess. This is why they then want you to take something like Provera to bring on a "normal " period and get your uterus lined out.

I am so sorry you are suffering so much and I'm sure Chris is about fit to be tied along with feeling helpless. I hope you either make it to an ER or find a way to make it until tomorrow morning when you can go see your regular doc. I would be very tempted to mention lawsuit while I was there. I don't know. Hopefully someone else can offer the best advice for you.
Amanda Sweetie...So sorry you are going through all of this. (((hugs for you and Chris)))))

The first thing I have to say is I am alarmed that upon an ultrasound they did not find your ovary and now your having this very heavy awful period??? HMMM something more is going on in there.

Forgive me for not following your story and remembering all that is going on. Have they ever discussed doing an exploratory surgery called a Hysterscopy/Laproscopy? This is a surgery that is not very harsh. They just go in and look at the inside and outside of the uterus and also can see the ovaries and check to look for cysts and tumors and also Endometriosis.

How many days have you been bleeding like this? Are you taking any hormones?
I had female issues galore about 4-5 years ago. I was getting recurent cysts that would cause pain and on occasion rupture. I always had very painful and heavy periods and long lasting sometimes 8-9 days. I also had a fybroid tumor that was the size of a small lemon. They said in-between a small lemon and a large walnut.

They finally went in with the Hysterscopy and laproscopy to check things out. They found the ovaries riddled with cysts and the fybroid tumor. they also found that I had a pretty severe case of Endo. and removed as much of it as they could. It was all over my bladder and attached to my bowels and it was everywhere.

They put me on Birth control to try and minimize the periods, but later took me off because I had an episode with a section of my colon that stoped working. They did not know the exact cause of this and just because of the possibilities of Birth control causeing blood clots they took me off and put me on Depro-provera to try and contol the Endo. The Depo was to minimize or stop the periods, but for 9 months I bled anyway, not alot or anything but everyday something. Finaly I said I can take it no longer what is going on??? When they took me off the Depo I had a period that lasted for 3 MONTHS...yikes. It was sooooo painful. It was the heaviest and scariest thing. I will not go into great detail of the heavyness etc as it is just to grusome to decribe on here. It was very alarming! I was at the time being treated for my arm injury and going to school and they wanted me to wait until December when school was out so I could recuperate from a Hysterectomy. In the meantime they kept trying to put me on a week of hormones to slow the bleeding and then take me off. Nothing worked and I basically just kept on with the bleeding. I swear I should have taken up in the stock market in femanin napkins etc. The gave me the choice of the hysterectomy or a drug that sends me into Menopause for 6 months. I chose the hysterectomy. I now only have one avary and no more uterus. No birthin of kids for this girl.
The reason for telling you all this I guess is to let you know I understand about the lengthy time of bleeding and risks that can come with that.

I would get a new OBGYN and if your not in PM I would get a referral.

Now about Urgent Care. In the City that I live in there are about 4-5 of them. None of which carry any narcotics in them. I am sorry that the staff at your urgent care treated you with total disrespect as a patient.. Total judgement passing on their part rather then just referring you to the ER or doing what they could in a proffecional atter.
Part of the reason that the Urgent Cares in my town do not have narcotics is due to the fact that there is an ever growing problem with Methamphetamines (crank or speed are other names) and growing numbers of narcotic pain med abuse. It seems as though about 8 years ago the Urgent cares in the town I live in stopped having then on hand because the meth addicts and narcotic pain med abusers would come in continually and clog ou the waiting and delay care to people who had real issue. They even have a sign on the door that says they do not prescribe or give narcotics at their facility nor do they have any on the premisis.

I feel for you and I undertstand. Please do not give up. There is someone out there that will listen and take care of you the way you need. Find some new dacs and see where it takes you. It is our right to interview a doctors office before becoming a patient. Call there and ask questions and see if the staff treats you with respect and kindness. You will find the proper care and in the mean time if you need to go the the ER the GO! You just never know what might be going on and need imediate treatment.

I hope you get to feeling better. I am praying for both of you and sending out my Love. Hang in there and please feel free to ask me anything or for extra support if needed....:angel::angel: