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I actually disagree with Christie S. I dont think she has much understanding of actually coming off anitdepressants. I had a bloody hard time coming off Prozac in February this year; my reason for coming off them was because I wanted to see if I could go it 'alone'. It's been hard, but I did it. If it's something that'll make u happy go for it. Another of the reasons I came off them was because I was in hospital and they were stroppy about giving them to me, so I thought 'sod the lot of you, I dont need them anyway'. It's now 4 months later and everyting is fine. make sure thopugh, if you feel depressed again you talk to someone and share any symptoms you have with your doctor; I had horredous side effects coming off prozac 'cold turkey'; make sure u do it with ur docs supervision. Good luck babes!

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