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Hi again,

Lets see , I have fibromyalgia as well as cfs. I also have osteo and scoliosis as well as some tmj problems.

Had ovarian cysts and endiometriosis at a very young age so had a total hysterectomy at age 27 which left scar tissue that is still painful.

I take lortab 7.5 (hydrocodone) (alternate lortab with percocet) Two weeks on one, then two weeks on the other so i won't build up tolerance to either one.
Also take ultram for breakthru pain.
Take soma (muscle relaxers) 4x a day along with the lortab.
Prozac once a day (supposedly for energy ha ha what a laugh)
elavil- one at night so i can get that deep sleep which helps fibromyalgia.
Lorazapam- as needed, maybe a few times a month when i have anxiety attacks when pain gets to be too much.
Guafenisin-twice a day, treatment for the fibro, seems to be helping some I think.
On top of that I take multiple vitamins, supplements, milk thistle for liver cleansing, calcuim plus magnesium,etc.
Hmmm, seems all I do all day long is pop pills. I try to detox at least every other month for a few days IF I CAN HANDLE THE PAIN, just to give my body a rest, but, not sure if its doing any good.

Take care sweetie,