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Hey racing,

Glad to hear you were able to go for a drive hon. I am currently on prozac, once in the morning. Supposedly its prescribed for people with fibromyalgia and cfs to give you a boost of energy. Not sure if it helps with the energy, havent noticed any difference there, but I can tell i'm not as down on life , depressed over what life dealt me. So for Me, Ive been OFF antidepressants and ON them, and speaking strictly for me, yes it is better for me to be on it for right now. Hopefully one day I won't need it. You've had quite a change in your life as in not being able to race anymore so that can be devastating to you. Have you tried to get any counseling first? Do you feel you would benefit from counseling at all? I will tell you this tho, you get withdrawal symptoms from stopping any kind of antidepressants. Most doctors MIGHT tell you , that you won't, but trust me, you do. I'm sure others here have had the same experience with them.
Hang in there hon, you're doing great!
Racing, You are on the down hill slide at day 5. Should be a piece of cake the rest of the way through.
I am not going to tell you it is going to be easy to stay off of them. Will probably be one of the hardest things you will ever do. Especialy when the pain comes, then you will try to justify taking just a few. But it never ends at just a few.
I had to end my way of getting them by telling my doctor I was an addict.
I am on Prozac also, I really think it plus the Ultram helped me through this last bout of WD's
Surly I can taper off the prozac when the time comes. If there aint a buzz I don't care if I take them or not.
Go in at midnight tonight, get off at noon. 12 hrs on concrete would make a healthy back hurt. Oh well the Ultram takes the edge off. I don't feel any kind of buzz with them so I am not worried about getting hooked on them. No buzz, No fun!!
Good luck.