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I so appreciate your compassionate and understanding responses...I did go to my Dr. yesterday; the psychiatrist..and he knows more about depression than concurrent addiction ... he feels as I know that no antidepressant I will take will work as long as I am taking pills, etc.

It's hard for me to help him understand that I self-medicate because of the depression; the deep depression...told him that altho backwards and irrational...I feel like I'm saving my life for the time being,altho I know that when it comes time to stop ..the depression will be doubled and I question whether I can make it through...

Yesterday was just 'ok' in that at least I got out of the house. Today, Saturday ... I awoke feeling some withdrawals (after the night) and of course took 2 vicodin...so I could relax. I only have 20 left...and I feel frightened. But again, the worst part today is the depression...I wanted to just end it so badly but I won't ... my cats are my lifeline and I hold on to them for deal life sometimes...but I sobbed and felt scared. I should go out, but i don't want to, esp. now that my eyes are swollen and puffy and in general, I'm a mess.

I was on lexapro..didn't work. I just got a script for prozac .. something that used to work for me along time ago and asked to try that again; however, I'm afraid to take that while detoxing because of the agitation factor...sometimes they stop your anti-depressant when you're withdrawing....

I shoudn't be too fearful of the withddrawals; I have lots of darvocet to maybe help - but I am. I still feel like escaping (especially right now)

The depression is the worst. thank you for the cyber-hugs ... because there is noone here to hug me except I hug my cats as much as I can.

Thank you