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I'm a recovering 3 year vicodin/ oxycontin/ opoid addict (441 days, woo hoo!) and have been seeing an enterage of therapists and Dr.'s since last June. I have been taking lexapro for months and it keeps my spirits up, but it doesn't help my ADHD. All throughout high school I took ritalin 10mg 3 times a day which helped a great deal, (I'm now 29). I was considering going back on it, and didn't give it much thought until I mentioned it at a meeting, and heard mixed opinions (and very heated ones at that!). Yes, it is a 'controlled substance', but I don't remember that it made me feel 'high', then again I haven't taken it since I finished high school. My psych says that it wouldn't hurt to try it a week at a time, but that it's up to me to decide.

Dr.'s tried me on wellbuterin, effexor, and prozac, but the side effects were too much. Now that my depression is gone, he doesn't want to stop the lexapro (and neither do I because, well... I like being happy). I've heard that untreated ADHD leads to substance abuse, and I didn't start taking drugs 'till after I stopped the ritalin.

I'm trying to get all the advice I can, because (obviously) I've made some poor choices on my own. Being sober has been and is #1 in my life, so if taking my ADHD med is considered 'using' then there has to be an alternative. I don't know what to do because my ADHD is out of control. I've gone through 3 jobs in the past year, and lost them all because I just couldn't keep it together! It's like driving 80 miles an hour through a torrential downpour without windshield wipers! AARRGGHH!

I would appreciate all opinions on this or if someone knows of a
better alternative.

Thx -JoJoLuv