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Well - I separated the pills today to 10 per day down to 8 by the end of the week; and then begin Monday to detox fully ... I hope I don't screw up the taper; but when I feel this depressed; that's when I feel like numbing myself as much as possible; and it actually was the way I was feeling when I relapsed.

I also feel depressed because I know I will have to let them go -- and the other side of that life - is 'nothing' at this time. I won't go into my life, but I don't have enough to do -- not working and all. And i can't just go back into the job market...Depression can make you feel so unmotivated and scared and it's so easy to fall back into the pill thing ... so I was thinking today that I must keep busy -- but will I? And what will I do?

I'm supposed to have begun taking prozac a week ago...(I used to) ...but stopped because it sort of makes me agitated and when you're trying to get off pain pills, you don't need the extra agitation ...so I've postponed the a/d use;

anyway...just talking/venting...thank you
hey perco! I'm sorry youre feeling so depressed. Are there any hobbies you enjoy doing. I was thinking to start something myself.I flopped today after only half a day.We need to find things to do that make us happy and occupy our time. For example I love to do tole painting and crafts and I like to read. I wish we could talk to people here but we get banned id we give any personal info! As far as the prozac once that gets into your system(max two weeks) it makes things easier to deal with.Do you have a plan for the detox.....immodium,klonopin,ibuprofun,a punching bag(lol)
If its gonna be a few weeks before you detox you might wanna rethink the prozac. Please keep me posted,your in my thoughts!