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Hey Lisa guess what we are only 2hours and 8 min. apart!
So,close,yet sooo far away! Do you take prozac or anything for your moods? I take 40mg prozac aday. Did you feel better that time you were clean for 9 months? If so,look forward to that. About the mommies and their closets....I would love to know their @(#(@#!!!!!teehee......do you have any close friends there?I surely don't here.We moved here a year ago from Okla. and found out we moved to the "elite" area! Well,holy#$&#*(@(@ a damn okie doesn't know the meaning of "elite" until she gets thrown smack in the middle of it! All these freakin volvo station wagons,Mercedes SUV,Lexus out the a#( I feel like such a peeon compared to them. I think now what could these women possibly have a problem about livin in there million(not exagg.)dollar homes with there au pairs(again,not kidding) and their little social gatherings! OK,let's not dwell,I am not poor by any means but I 'm not a millionare either.Heck I can'y even spell it right!
You take care,your wonderful!!!!!