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Sorry Chef,don't know about wellbutrin(I bet Cade will!)
I take Prozac (why do they call that the happy pill?Cuz if it really made me so damn happy I wouldn't have needed the "Real" Happy pills....teehee
Anti-depressants DO NEED TO BE TAKEN AS PRESCRIBED otherwise it will mess with ya head,make ya goofy!LOL NOT REALLY! But it can and will make you more depressed or moody if taken sporatically, ant-depressants are also for loooong term use(years-lifetimes) they don't start working overnight either....usually 2-4 weeks.....hope this helped a lil!
Ive been on wellbutrin and that's an SNRI "like prozac an SSRI" but wellbutrin deals more with Norepinephrine.

My Experience, It gave me MASS energy and really made me a very dull person but HAPPY. It helped me stop smoking to at the time. To tell you the truth I started doing things with very little remorse. Not caring as much. Me being in a nutshell.... It worked! But I was getting side effects like fever and loss of sex drive and weight gain. If you think it's a last resort for you then give it a try.

I am a very quiet person and people were telling me that I didn't shut up for those whole few months :D