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take2many....8 days is awesome girl!!! I got really worried when you (we) got banned.I did see your brothers post though,he sounds so sweet! I think thats awesome that he looks out for ya! You know the restless leg thing is kinda stumped me cuz my legs aren't so jittery but dang they ache,feels like I pulled every muscle from my neck to my feet! I think I'm a wuss when it comes to pain though.I went to see the doc because of the all over body pains,especially my back and headaches but I think someone said that your brain will start sending false pain signals out.I wonder if thats it or if its cuz I was so used to NOT feeling pain that it seems worse.I do know that I have been very aware of how my body feels,I mean its like I've been focusing on it.Weird,huh.but like I said we were always so numb its a new thing! I'm so glad you have stopped taking all those things.Thats kinda scary to mix things isn't it.Did you always mix meds? Are you on an anti-depres? I'm on Prozac....hope it starts helping more!