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Hi there! I am/was in a similar situation.. Terrible PMS, went to doctor and she said 'take a birth control pill and Evening Primrose for awhile and see how you feel.. If it doesnt work I will prescribe Sarafem'. I tried Evening Primrose (EP) for 1 mth but I didnt get any help from it so I started on Sarafem.. My experience was not good.. I was so tired and "out of it" I didnt have the energy to get PMS'y even if I wanted to! I didnt feel like myself at all. I took Sarafem for a little over a month and when I decided to go off of it I felt 100% better. I am now taking EP every day and my Orthotricyclen BCP. I would suggest giving it another month or so and take the evening primrose.. I have heard from others that it can, in fact, work wonders for PMS. I also take Dong Quai daily.. I have only been on this routine for @ 1 month and i know it could take up to 3 to get full benefits from the herbs & BCP. If you do a search of Sarafem on this Site or on a search engine on the net like i did you will find some interesting info.. You know it is Prozac, right? It sounds like a miracle drug for those suffering from PMS and for some probably is. I just know for me is wasnt.