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How repulsive it is to have our court system with jurors denied information on the dangers of SSRI drugs. We have countless deaths, accidents and injury by persons that are on SSRI drugs. Murders at the High Schools, death on the highway, disruption of the familie units and with this information we have considerable knowledge with documentation that SSRI drugs is causing problems in the society. Children and adults that are misdiagnosed by the mental health and counseling industry with add/adhd and a host of other bogus mental illnesses leading to SSRI drugging. We see the pharmecutical industries with large sums of monies supporting mental health and counseling with little concern for the public welfare to their profits from drugging. We know the mental health and counseling industry could not exist without pharmecutical drugs and the effects of these drugs have cause withdrawal leading to use of illigal drug problems. We have seen "Seasonal Adjustment disorder" as an admitted advertising hoax treated by all types of mental health persons with SSRI drugging and we have seen women with PMS treated by "Sarafem" which is nothing more then Prozac.
Today we stoop to a new low in our Judicial courts in prosecuting Yates. She has an altered personality as a result of the SSRI drugging. The same with others prosecuted for behaviors they weren't in control of. Mean while, the pharmecutical industries and the mental health and counselling industry dance to the banks with their social engineering of the public with bogus research and theories from a group that is not a science or technology but based on theory. We have dangerously altered the publics mind including children and their lives based on the bogus research and lies for profits.. What about the "Congressional Bounty Hunters Act". Bounty hunting for patients especially children and locking them in mental wards and drugging them for insurance profits. God help us till we distroy the mental health and counseling industries profits and stop them from propaganda to support their industries. jail them and prosecute them is the only way.

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