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Hey everyone.
I am a senior in high school, and i'm just now starting to believe that i've had some sort of attention problem(though not ADD) all my life. I have always made good grades, but i'm lacking in the concentration department. For example, when i take tests, i am ALWAYS(no exaggeration) the last person to finish, even if it's a test on a subject that's a breeze for me. Throughout elementary and middle school, my teachers always noticed something special about me and tested me for gifted programs. I never got in, though, and i believe it was because i'm such a slow worker. I always have to read sentences over and over to apprehend them. And even right now, i'm supposed to be working on a project for my Anatomy class, but i am too distracted-that's why i came here!

This might be irrelevant, but throughtout high school i have battled with anorexia and bulimia. I was never diagnosed with one because it never got to the point where my life could be in danger; plus, no one knew how serious my obsession got. I spent many days, though, where i had a lot going on or a lot to look forward to, but i was always preoccupied with my weight-how i could lose it, how i would look in an outfit for my date next week, etc. It was like my world revolved around what i ate and what size i wore, and this caused me to lose focus in school and other situations that were important. Eventually, i was depressed. I told my doctor about this depression and my eating disorder(unfortunately, i didn't mention my concentration problem!) and was prescribed to take Prozac, which i have been taking for about half a year now. It helped immeasurably with the depression but not really with concentration or preoccupation with weight. So later on i started going to an eating disorder therapist and improved a lot, but i still have trouble with it. The reason i'm telling you about this is because i'm curious if this could have anything to do with my "attention problem".

I do not believe i have any degree of ADD, because i have heard that to have ADD you have to be "hyperactive", which i certainly am not. On the contrary, i am perpetually exhausted. I fall asleep in school at the exact same time every day; it's like my body's on a clock. I do a lot of extra-curriculars after school which prevent me from having time(or being too tired) to excersize as often as i would like. And when i should be doing homework, sometimes i am too distracted and/or tired to do it! On a typical school night, i go to bed around 11:30 and wake up at about 6:45.

And one last thing, my friends have always made fun of me for constantly being "in the clouds". I admit i get really deep into thought sometimes, but i never consider it to be a real problem. Could it be the result of something potentially harmful, like an attention defecit, though?

If anyone knows what might be going on with me and what i might could do, i would greatly appreciate it! I empathize with anyone in a similar situation. Hope everyone's having a good day!

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