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I have been reading a lot of postings and responding to some for months now. THere seems to be a special concentrstion these days, of medical doctors who like to blame everything on anxiety.

This is beginning to pi** me off.

While there ARE some wonderful doctors out there, I have not met any of them, and it does not sound like many of you have either.

You know, there were the days not so many years ago
when doctors thought you could bleed pain out of the skull by impaling it.

THere were the days when doctors believed that bad spirits could be the cause of a disease because they did not know what to do. The patients who trusted them died as a result.

The people in their time believed in them.... they thought they were gods among them.

Now we look back at some of the practices doctors had and realize they were idiots.

Who says it is any different today?

With growing technology, there is great advancement in the medical field.
Just as chickenpox was incurable in its youth, people then thought it was this horrible disease, and then, it was.
But today we have a vaccination for it.

What is to say that it isn't the same with today's
"incurable diseases?"

As population grows, environmental hazards increase,
insurance capitolism inflates, immigration continues
new diseases are borne evry day.

Have you ever heard a doctor say "I JUST DON'T KNOW!"?

No. They blame you and put you on prozac for that clogged atery that could not be detected by an ekg.

They give you albuterol for a stomach virus.

They give you Xanax for that intermittent epiliepsy problem.

There are REAL ANXIETY problems, TOO.

JEEZ, LOOK at our society.... the world. OF COURSE we are having PANIC disorders.

But I am starting to think a lot of people are getting diagnosed at the cost of their lives.

I lost a year of mine and nearly was institutionalized
because I had a stomach infection, but was diagnosed with anxiety disorder.

I spent months on my face from the drugs, and more vomiting, and thousands of dollars later, and 2130 hours lost from working....and an anxiety disorder caused by the physical problems.....

And I saw a commercial on t.v. about lawsuit abuse....
Our POOR doctors.....they get sued so much they have to move to new states...
Well.... as far as I am concerned, do it right or DO SOME THING ELSE.

There is no room for mistakes when you have someone elses life in your hands. If you think there is, you should not be practicing.

And Bedside manner? The doctrs who are in it for the money? The doctors who make you feel worse than you did before you saw them? GRRRRR.

All of us are afraid.
Even those of us whose doctors who are among the few decent ones left.

I am sorry that so many of you are going through so much pain. I do not think ANY of it is in ANY of your MINDS!!!!!

The medical practice has just become a huge money industry. Every commercial is about a drug, every billboard about hospitals, vd's and insurance....
It is being shoved down our throats. If everything was cured, millions of people would be unemployed, and our economy would crash because the pharmecuetical companies would not be in business.

Jee, I wonder why there so many horrible diseases without cures.