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I'm new to this board and I'm glad I found it. I was told a couple of years ago that I most likely have fibromyalgia but I haven't done much about it. I've just lived with the fact that I'm tired all of the time, my body aches, etc.

However, I have been experiencing constant pain in both feet for several weeks now. I've always had problems with pain when I first get up in the morning or if I've been on my feet all day, but nothing like what I've experienced lately. The big toe on my right foot is always sore (but not swollen); my entire feet hurt with the pain primarily in the bottom of the feet and the ankles. The pain radiates through my lower legs (shins and calves).

Like I said, the pain is constant, worse in the mornings because I have difficulty walking when I get out of bed. Sometimes I find myself walking by putting all of my weight on the outsides of my feet as it hurts too bad to walk normally. Lately I hate walking anywhere, and it kills me to go up and down stairs.

For the past several nights, I've had difficulty sleeping because of the dull constant ache in my feet and lower legs. This morning I got out of bed and could barely walk. As I'm typing this, both feet are elevated but the ache is still there in my feet and lower legs. Nothing seems to help.

I have a doctor's appointment next week. Any advice ? I am also extremely tired, especially in the evenings when I get home from work (I'm so wiped out I sometimes go to bed as soon as I get home from work and sleep for 2-3 hours). I get up and then, of course, can't sleep when I should be sleeping. I have trouble getting up in the mornings and am sluggish most of the day. I'm on prozac and have been since October (now have less migraines and am much less anxious and stressed) and on the BC pill (have been for years). At every check up my blood tests are fine, my blood pressure fine, my chlorestorol fine, thyroid fine, etc. The only thing that is not fine is my weight. Of course, my last work-up was last summer. My current doctor says it's just depression or stress but I want to make sure to ask the right questions at my next visit.

I'm just looking for relief. My mindset is good, I'm just tired of the aches and pains. I want to lose weight but it's too painful to exercise (and I'm too tired anyway). Any good vitamins or medications to take to give me some energy ?