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Another quack story for you. History: Mild stroke 2.5 years ago put on Aspirin a day. My Primary care was same for last 5 years. Last november I went to him complaining of a numbness & tingling in my right ear that was bothering me. He looked in ear and said "No Ear infection, No problem, It's your imagination, take your Prozac and relax." I went home. Saw him two more times over the winter with same complaint. It kept getting worse. I got the same answer every time. Finally changed Primary care on March 1st. New dr. Female, immediately orders CT Scan and MRI. Discovers I had a 2nd stroke which I was unaware of. Puts me on blood thinner Plavix and nerve Pain medicine, and referes me to neurologist.
Now I have to ask the ? , had the other dr done the right thing and discovered the stroke earlier, and put me on blood thinner 6 months earlier, would I have less damage and pain and feel better now?
I filed two complaints against him with the HMO and nothing was done on either of them.
Now I am left with facial pain and numbness forever. 3 Neurologists say there is nothing they can do.
Is this malpractice?