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[quote]Originally posted by kiki9880:
I am going through much the same thing. I have had a dry mouth for 2 months and I have convinced myself that I have an autoimmune disease because I read about the symptoms on the internet. I have been to every doctor imaginable, and had lots of tests. They are all negative, but I have convinced myself that I am ill. I am extremely anxious and depressed, and have lost interest in everything. I know that what I need to be treating is the anxiety and the depression, but the medications for them give you a dry mouth as a side effect, so I am caught in a viscious cycle here and I am miserable. Believe me, there is nothing wrong with you, but try to relax and treat your anxiety and depression, even if you have to see a doctor for them. Soon all of the symptoms will go away. Good luck!

Sympathy with you too kiki9880 <hugs to both of you>
I take prozac and never have dry mouth trouble. Have taken them for 10 years or more cause I *have* got an autoimune disease.
I assure you that _until_ you are diagnosed with something, you should make the most of your life. It slips by and the worry may have been all for nothing. Frequently it is. I am a Christian and believe firmly what Scripture says that a "smidgion" of worry can *change nothing* in our life. Get some assistance from the dr to get through the worst of the anxiety/depression and you will have a new perspective on life. Please do make the effort. It hurts me to see young people worry for nothing.
I do hope you will be very happy yet. Love from down in Oz.