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Hi everyone
im kelle im 26. ok heres my story. last sunday i started to get flu like symptoms. chills, body aches, actually my body aches all over, nausea, abdominal pain, sweaty palms,no appetite, very weak and tired. I have felt this way all week and i still feel this way. only everyday i feel worse instead of better. this is day 10. i also have anxiety and depression. i went to the ER yesterday where they told me i had viral gastroenteritis. they said if i dont see improvment come back, and they will check for mono. what im freaking out about is i dont see improvment. each day i feel horrible and im so sick waking up feeling this way. all i do is cry and wonder why isnt my symptoms leaving, what is going on..all week my anxiety has been through the roof cause i dont feel myself getting better. i am a wreck. everyone is telling me its my anxiety causing me to feel so bad. they say if i just get out and forget it i will feel better but im so exhausted ai dont feel like it. i was on lexapro for 6 months and it didnt do anything. i just started prozac again. im just drained. and scared. I was wondering if anyone can help me out..Thank you