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[QUOTE=*music23*]I am totally having the same problem!! I went trick or treating and I knew that was a mistake. Now I am eating like a pig. I have gained 30 lbs since, like, June. I don't know what to do, either I am bingeing or am not eating anything. There's no inbetween. What have y'all been doing about this? If anything?
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yeah binge eating is bad news..when u don't eat your body goes into starvation mode. so when u eat something after that period of time your body will store it as fat for use as fuel later in case of starvation again...goes way back to the beginning of man..eating small balanced meals through the day should help...the book "potatoes not prozac" has really good meal plans. low carb like atkins is good although the first two weeks are the hardest...i am just glad i lose weight when on anti-depressants especially effexor.. i have heard people gain lots of weight on that