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:wave: Hi... My hubby never got it, either. I even begged him once to
locate to Texas on a job transfer, no deal. I just bawled. Made me feel
trapped at the time. Wanted to be a stowaway on a plane!
They do not understand that the hardest thing to achieve is for us
SAD sufferers--is to get dressed!
I have tinkered with the lighting in the house a lot. Verilux bulbs (lumber
yard stores), GE (blue) Reveal bulbs 100W, flourescents, etc.
For me, light boxes only help when sun is absent 4-5 days, or 10-13 days
straight. Med combo, is only thing that worked for me. Qualified doc
prescribed Prozac & Depakote, w/Eskalith CR (lithium) as needed.
15 minutes of sunbathing in sunroom each day, and a walk outside helps.
I avoid windy days--20-30 ph winds with wind chill factors.
I also have on hand medicine to keep my tonsils clear from my family doc
to ward off respiratory infections. (infections add to depression!)
I also take Evening Primrose Oil at night for the evening blues that may set in.

I have heard the San Diego is probably the best place to live when you have
SAD--if you can find work there. But one lady said AZ helped her a lot when
they went there in the winter. I would think anywhere in that general
latitude would be better!