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My first time here ~ OK, here goes...I was on Prozac for 13 years and it gradually stopped working ~ have been on Lexapro, Paxil, Wellbutrin, and am now going back to PZ, hoping it will work again. My diagnosis is Major Depression, Anxiety, and ADD.

I am currently on Ritalin LA 30mg, and will resume Prozac 20mg tomorrow, with Ativan as needed for panic attacks. Here's my thing, my tx says I have a "very anxious depression". Aren't Prozac and Ritalin somewhat stimulating, thus increasing anxiety and if I add Ativan am I not defeating the purpose of the Ritalin? I'm so confused! :confused: Now my pdoc is talking about adding Xanax XR in place of Ativan. Also, I have been reading about Klonopin and no one has ever mentioned that to me.

Any advice or experience?