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I've been taking Zoloft for 8 years. WHen I switched from Aetna to Pacificare I was surprised to learn that zoloft was not on the pacificare formulary. It turned out to be no problem and my dr. got preauthorization for it and I pay the brand name copay. Now, I will be switching to Healthnet and Zoloft is not on their formulary either and I'm wondering if it will just take the preauthorization. One their website for the FEHB plan (federal employee) for Zoloft it doesn't say "PA" meaning pre-authorization, like some of the other medications. I've tried Paxil several years ago and had a severe allergic reaction, and a few years before that I tried Prozac and had several side effects. When I call Healthnet to ask about zoloft and coverage, the person I get never has the answer or doesn't know, or some excuse or another. Does anyone have information regarding this issue? THanks, Michelle