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gabitril is being heavily advertised to psychs as an anticonvulsant and good for panic attacks, I hadnt heard about it being related to neurontin.

time will tell if gabitril is helpful, its still too new to say

trying a prozac type antidepressant may be safer, also try to get some benzos
Gabitril is now getting heavy heavy consideration for the treatment of anxiety disorders, specifically for GAD.

I was placed on this medication recently i.e. about 8 days ago. My anxiety can be categorized as mild to moderate. I do not have panic attacks and I dont really have depression. As with any if these disorders you do get trace amounts of other disorders that blend into your major one but by and large GAD is my little bugger! Since I was 18 I have had 3 major bouts of it all occuring in the mid to late fall and am now just getting through a moderate bout that began in December of 05.

I started at 2mg's a day and am now at 4 mg a day. I have noticed a difference in the way I feel and think. Clinical studies have shown that most patients feel some relief after a couple weeks at 6mgs and generally adjust to 8-10mg's per day. For the record, people who use this medicine for convulsions or epilepsy take up to 50 mg's per day! So the adequate dose needed for relief is very low.

So far I have absolutely zero side effects! Not one!

This medicine is definately different than Neurontin and other stablizers etc...those medicines work on GABA but are not receptor specific. Basically they are like dirty bombs. Benzos act in the same way. They just attack all of the GABA control areas and end up causing sedation, fatigue etc...

Gabitril is an SGRI or selective gaba reuptake inhibitor. It is target specific and literally does the same things that the ssri's do but with GABA instead of Serotonin. This could very well be the beginning of a revolution for all that suffer from anxiety based disorders. I do not think this would be the right medicine for BP or depression based illnesses.

Remember what Prozac did to people in the 80's? It was considered a miracle...and now Prozac is considered outdated and a dirty SSRI. Gabitril is the first SGRI, and therefore more will be developed in the future that will be cleaner, smarter and more battle ready than what we have now!

Another drug that targets two areas of Gaba is in the final stages of FDA approval. Its called Ocinaplon and from my understanding through my research looks very promising as a tool for anxiety sufferers.

Good luck to all!