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Good grief have I had some nutty therapists.
Here's the list... there's so many that a list would be easier to read:

Age 13: School Counselor:
Thought I wanted to go home/scared of school because something messed up was going on at home. (nope... school was a nightmare) We're not talking rocket science here...
Age 13: Family Therapist:
I told her my interests (basketball and playing the keyboard/piano)
She said I was having problems because I realized I wasn't going to become a famous basketball player or musician.

Age 13: Psychiatrist:
Was completely bizarre
Thought everything was behavioral/learned behavior (no one else at my school/home hit themselves, cried at school, had panic attacks, hurt people, etc.
Had a pet rock. :eek:
Sessions revolved mostly me asking about where he grew up in Holland, and learning about different customs.
Sessions w/ parents were embarrassing.
Let me into waiting room/playroom w/ my sister, while he talked to my parents and told me not to have a "hot head" while playing. My sister and I weren't supervised!
He was a dude and he was clueless.
Wanted me to stay longer in the psych. facility. No one taught me coping strategies! :eek:
Everyone just said the past was in the past so forget about it. The past was the whole problem!
Put me on Prozac. After I came home from psych. facility, I really started to flip out. I hurt my sister's arm bad enough that she almost had to go to the ER. I also choked her. :( I still to this day can't believe I did that.
He wanted me to stay on the drug. My mom weaned me off of it.

Finally I found a totally awesome counselor as an adult. She was totally cool, offered strategies, let me talk through things, wanted to know how I "si"ed but didn't really care about when. She just wanted me to talk through issues, and try alternative strategies, so that I could improve. She truly believed that the past had everything (or mostly everything) to do with my then current behavior. She was supportive and understanding. I think she had been through similar awfull childhood teasing, and she could really put herself into my shoes. I could also tell that she was really and truly trying to help me.
Sharebear, try to find a shrink or counselor that you really click with. It makes a world of difference.
WW, What happened w/ your friend? Is there a school counselor you can go to? Maybe she/he can get you in with someone and to convince your parents that you need to go to someone. I really liked my high school guidance counselor. She listened and made sure I was comfortable w/ things.
I have only told really close friends about my psychiatric facility admit, and only a few know about the si. Two people at work know about my psych. admit. Nobody at work knows about the si. I had to be comfortable with it myself before I told any friends. I was extremely scared to tell the counselor at first. Somehow I did. I'm glad I did. She also got me involved w/ a Singles' Group w/ a local church.