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I wouldn't let that little diagnosis get to you. A tendancy to be bi-polar? How dumb is that in the world of real disease....do people have a tendancy to be diabetic? A tendancy to have cancer? No, you either have it or you don't. So don't take it too seriously. Either you are bi-polar or not. I think the pot/celexa combo could even contribute to your ups and downs, since celexa is sort of an upper(serotonin is an excitatory neurotransmitter)and of course, pot is a downer, a relaxer.

I know one woman who took diet pills that actually caused her to be bi-polar after awhile of taking them. She then ended up on Prozac and is still having problems because nobody recognized the original cause of the diet pills....now with the Prozac and occational use of sleeping pills (she had developed sleep issues), she still has the problems and sleep is very hard to come by. But she faithfully continues under doctor's care.

I don't think people take pills/chemicals very seriously these days as potential troublemakers. They should! Some people are so strict about having a cola or a carb, yet will submit their brains to any chemical a doctor will give them, despite the fact the doctor cannot tell you how much serotonin you have in your brain or in fact what is the actual right amount to have. That's like guessing how much insulin you need, how high your blood sugar is, or guessing whether or not you actually have diabetes.

And illegal drugs? Forget it; those will only hurt in the long run. Too much brain experimentation these days. :eek: