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Quote from lisamarie7b:
Does your husband have heart problems and/or hbp? Does he dee a Dr. I am constantly looking for answers online b/c I can;t afford to see a Dr. at this time. I am reading that this could be related to hbp and/or anxiety. If I find out anything I will let you know. I hope you will do the same.

No my husband does not have heart problems and his blood pressure is on the low side. He has had checkups and they have tried to give him zoloft, paxel, prozac, wellburtum but he can not take those things. He got so upset because they would not listen. Evidently there is something in those types of drugs that he just cannot tolerate. It seemed like thats all that doctor focused on so he will see another doctor in 2 weeks. Thank you,
I will let you know when we find out what is going on.