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Hey jxlvr
Don't feel like you are in the boat alone, I used to get that anger adn annoyance feeling all the time, I had it extremely bad as a kid. I had a lot of stress an bad stuff in my life, and blew up all the time.
Then when I had kids and stuff I used to get really angry, but held it in.
Then one day I could not stop crying and went to a mental health professional, and found out I was bipolar, and also SAD (seasonal affective disorder) on top of it. I took prozac for a while, and also vitamin B-6, (which the Dr said you get from sunshine) and felt much better.

I also had group therapy, in which I found out I had a lot to be angry about. People were amazed I had held myself together as much as I had. I have a strong will. It was drummed into me at an early age not to Feel Sorry for myself. I could write a book about overcoming all that childhood abuse and junk but I determined myself to overcome it, but the anger awas always there.

I was told that it was like a pressure cooker, you can keep the lid on and keep it tamped down but you can't put more in and the pressure will build up and eventually the lid will blow off and the contents are going to go everywhere. Thise closest to you will get the worst of it. I don't know if you've ever used a pressure cooker, but I have and on time I took the lid off before all the pressure was out and the hot liquid came out all over my armas and burned me really bad.

Don't let people tell you "count your blessings" and let it go at that. Somedays you want ot say "what blessings?" some days your cup just runs over with these blessings.
My mother in law used to tell me to bite my tounge when I wanted to say something to my eldest daughter about my grandkids. She said you learn that, I said I am almost biting it off!!!

I can tell you that things won't get better until you find out why you are angry. Maybe its the day to day stuff, maybe its the pressures at home, maybe its the past, only you can find out what it is.
Try the B6, it's a cheap viatmin, and itf it works GREAT, I tried it and it took away that crawl out of your skin, annoyed at the least thing, ahte the world feeling. Now when I find myself with that hyper annoyed feeling I take a couple of B6 and the feeling goes away. Its a cheap easy fix for me. I don't take any antidepressants or meds for my bipolar, as I have learned to live with it without meds.

FOr goodness sake though, Try to carve out some alone time for yourself, tell hubby, (I had to) that you need a de-stress time for yourself, and mean business.

One of the best things I ever did was one time when he had to go on a business trip for a week, I went too and just laid in the hotel room for a solid week, I did nothing but eat and sleep. I had always told my friends at work that my ideal vacation would be one where I could just hole up in a hotel room, order room service, and veg out. Well, I'll tell you, that was THE best vacation of my life. The pool and hot tub were right outside my door, hubby brought in the food, when I would wake up, and we had two king size beds in the room, I vegged out in the spare bed. He'd come in after going to class all day and ask if I wanted to do anything and I'd say no I'm content to lay here. He tells everybody he can't believe I went for a week to Atlanta and did nothing but sleep. It was the first time in over 40 years I had not had to deal with taking care of kids or any body but myself, and he was taking care of me too. It was even better than a "couples retreat" I had no demands on me.Now I know if I want another break, I'll go to a hotel for a week.