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Hi Jonathan,

I'm in my 15th month, and I certainly remember feeling as you do when I was at the same point you are. I too took walks often (still do) and on some occasions it was good and others not as good, but I kept at it because it's very important for the brain's compensation process to keep it up so it can retrain itself. I'm here to tell you that you will get over this, as others have said! It's a frickin nightmare in spots, but somehow you do get over it. Just get out there and fake it! Convince your brain that life is normal and over time it will believe it and you'll be normal again. I'm basically operating at 99% with a little setback in the past couple days, but by this point the setbacks aren't so monumental because I know what's going on and can talk myself out of freaking out about it. Also, this board and the wonderful souls who post here have been a god send for me for support. Keep checking in here.

I noticed in your original post on this thread that you said you didn't want to go on anti-depressants because you didn't want to become addicted. There are anti-depressant drugs in the family of Paxil, Prozac, Welbutrin, etc. that are milder (takes 3-4 weeks to kick in) and are not addictive. I'm just wondering if taking something like that for just a short time so you can get some clarity might not help you get over this hump. For some, stressing about the physical aspects of this stuff makes getting better a really high hurdle to clear because they can't get past it, and some of your comments sound like that's where you are. Might be worth checking with your ENT. This stuff does suck, but you can't let it consume you. Time does pass and you do get better. I'm living proof.

Also, you might want to start a thread to Subs30 and ask about your contact lens thing. He's brilliant at this stuff, is at 100% now as you might have seen in his posts, but I know he also had issues with dealing with getting his glasses changed, etc., because they were affecting his inner ear probs. He might have some suggestions on how to handle problems with vision correction. Just a thought.

Hang in there! We're all here for you and understand completely.