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Thanks for the reply lithiate- you're more right on than you know. First place I ended up about 10 years ago when I was first having symptoms was a therapy chair- that led nowhere- it was obvious to who I was seeing that I was "fine" in the head. Problem is that when you mention "anxiety" you're automatically blackballed- alot of the hypo symptoms can also be attributed to anxiety and stress- chicken or the egg debate I guess. I know that my anxiety attacks are due to my thyroid- my guess is that it's caused by the hyper stages I go through because of the hashis- but that's just my gut feeling. I'm going to see how my cortisol test results are- then probably switch to armour for awhile. Because my blood results seem to be pretty decent already I'm guessing that T4 alone isn't going to help me alot. My doc wrote a presciption for 1 grain of Armour- what dose is that compared to .075 synth???
Thanks again everyone-

I feel your pain, Sladedog! That was basically how I was dealt with by my HMO until I went out of network to get a diagnosis for what I knew was a thyroid problem. Every time I went to one of my HMO doctors (they always seem to be changing...) it was the same old thing: We'll test your thyroid, but it will come back 'normal' so here's a prescription for Prozac anyway. Buh-bye."


Anxiety is also one of my major symptoms. I was dx'd with OCD/General Anxiety Disorder before finding out that I suddenly did a whole lot better on the thyroid meds. It still comes back, though. Right now I'm dealing with it, but I've been bad and haven't been taking my meds regularly for the last few months, so that's probably why.

As for your doseage... I believe that there's a chart online of Armour to Synthroid conversions. 1 grain Armour, if I recall correctly, is about equal with 75mcg of Synthroid. So, he's starting you on roughly an equal doseage. :)