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Cutter: As I said before, I remember being your age, and even the memory is crap. This may not help, but part of my problem was that I'm a Jew. No matter where I go (and my father was in the US military, so we moved A LOT), I'm still different. Being a cutter is similar. Most people don't understand why people cut, so they react with fear and rejection...same way people react to Jews. Hey, we're different because we don't believe the way most in the Western world do, and nevermind the Eastern world. We're caught in between. Being both, I can tell you that it's like being caught in between depressed patients and suicide patients. Cutters don't necessarily want to die, but they're obviously more depressed than your normal Prozac patient. As for the part about cutting on your face or neck...what do you need to be punished for? In college, I did a lot of research on cutting (needed to understand what was going on), and cutting is something most hide. If you need peeple to see the marks, then you need people to see your pain. You've posted here for a reason. Who or what hurt you so badly?? Let us help.
Hope you get this.