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Hi everyone. I am new here, and have just recently admitted that I had a problem with stress and anxiety although I have been inthat "la la land" for 2.5 years now since my first daughter was born. I took my first weekly prozac capsule and feel better, but not 100% me again, but I only took it about 3 days ago. After that, then i am supposed to take 20 mg each day. How long does it take for prozac to really start working? Is it something that once it's in your system, it is kinda maintained? I hope I am not 100% just because it hasn't been long enough and not the fact that it's not for me, because i have had 0 side effects!!thanks!
I am confused as to which version of prozqac you are taking, theres a once a week version called prozac weekly in some places

anyway prozac takes from 2 to 8 weeks to work properly, some get no side effects at all