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I am sorry you are not feeling well, and I hope you find what is causing all those symptoms.

I just want to add to the number of people who have a normal TSH and go on for years without getting diagnosed. I had a TSH of 1.7 in 1997 and had all the hypoT symptoms. It took a good doctor and many years for me to get diagnosed. My TSH was increasing every year and that is how I got diagnosed, with a TSH of 3.0 and lots of hypoT symptoms.

I feel wonderful today, I was dxed in Sept 2003 and I am on Armour 60mgs. My doctor understands that my TSH has to be below range for me to feel good (last test TSH 0.004). I do not have hyper symptoms and feel great, have lost 19 lbs, and run 2.4 miles 5 times a week.

I had symptoms just like you plus depression (took prozac for years) and and a "normal" TSH. I felt I was going crazy, and even began to say that it was all in my head myself. All symptoms dissapeared with thyroid treatment.

I would try checking for antibodies, getting a free T3 and testing your adrenals. I was never checked for antibodies, but I bet they were high. I had terrible, horrible allergies every spring, and even that is gone with thyroid treatment.