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Well as some of you know..........I have had problems with my doc/doc team.
I have the bulging discs (lower) and growing hemangioma(upper). The docs wanted to stop the percocet and just leave it at that....just lemme take celebrex and flexeral....knowing they do not work.....previous post titled "back pain...med probs..."
well, I changed clinics and someone I know with back probs recomended a certain person.....which is a nurse practitioner....she was VERY compassionate to say the least. She says a HIGH majority of chronic sufferers also suffer from some sort of depression due to the chronic pain interferring with daily life...she hit the nail on the head....she got SO many of my symptoms right and it was such a relief.....SOMEONE FINALLY tells me I am not looney.....I teared up and she was VERY cool about that......but she said some anti-depressants would be a very good idea because chronic pain puts a lot of stress on your life and can cause depression....but on to the rest of the pain and meds....
She said stopping smoking will help with the pain because smoking contracts your blood vessels and causes more pain....next tip she gave me was....she wants me to DRINK DRINK and DRINK more water......she says I need to keep my discs very well hydrated...she said not drinking plenty of water.....your discs are one of the first things to start dehydrating inside your body.
and.....now to the meds....I wanna know if these are a good combo...and imputs from others on the meds she has me on.
I was already on a blood pressure pill because a couple times I went to the doc, my BP was way too high....I was already on Celebrex. And she asked me how much I was sleeping at night...I told her I went to bed around 1am and got up at 6am..she asked why and I told her I was used to it from when hubby was in Iraq....also if I sleep too long my back hurts too bad from laying down too long...she also said "you CANNOT take 4 percocet per day" She said it sounds like my pain is all NERVE pain and percocet does not work on nerve pain.so, this was the outcome....PLEASE tell me what you all think.....
Please keep in mind,...she was VERY sincere and understanding...the type of DOC/Nurse Practitioner that will listen and take seriously to what I have to say
she doesnt think Orthopeadic can help me but wants me to keep my Ortho appointment on April 28th just to see what they have to say.
she put in a referrel for an upper MRI and a lower MRI..... and a refferal for Pain Management. She also wants to see me back in 2 weeks and made the appt for me and when the MRIs get back she is sending me to physical therepy. Now for the meds....
in the morning I am to take...
2 percocets 5/325
1 blood pressure pill
1 Prozac 10mg (eventually will be 20mg)
1 celebrex(200mg)
1 valium (5mg)
1 neurontin(300mg..eventually getting up to 1900mg)
1 valium (5mg)
1 celebrex (200mg)

1 celebrex (200mg)
1 percocet 5/325 (by the way...she is tapering me completely off these)
1 valium (5mg)
1 Ambien (10mg) (for 14 days til sleep is regulated)

do all these pills seem the NORM?
and she said the valium was a muscle relaxer.....and will all these eventually control the pain with out the percocet? and if it doesnt and I dont see her til the 15th day....what do I tell her?
ALL the docs have said MANY things according to the MRI...
I have bulging discs,,,,narrowing spine,,,,,curvature of the spine,,,,,Hemangioma,,,,,noone has EVER mentioned arthritis....the MRI report never said arthritis.....but she said yesturday......she thinks all my pain is nerve pain and I have the beginings of arthritis..........and percocet WILL NOT take the pain away.........I told her YES it did.
well friends....i REALLY appretiate your input in ALL of this....or even if you have an input on ONE thing in here....I desperatly need advise and info on each and everything...