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Hi Julianne,

The period stuff absolutely - 100%. 3 days prior to my period and approx 2 days during - a real pain in the backside. Every flipping month, like clockwork. I also, around that time, get a worsening of the other symptoms you describe. The muffled hearing number is another biggie for 3 days before. As you know, I don't know if MAV is a definite factor for me, but they are trying me on the drugs. Which, I have to admit, I've been too chicken to take. Also, I am currently confused as I have seen a big improvement in symptoms lately - I've just hit my period, and yes, sure enough, things were worse, but not as bad as previously. SO is this all vestibular and it's just getting better. Or have I compensated some more for the vestibular damage, so the migraines/hormonal aspects don't hit me as badly. I guess the answer lies with the drugs, which I will probably start taking today. I know one other definite MAV sufferer, she definitely experienced a big increase of symptoms around her period.

As for the other things you mention, I think it's harder to say whether that indicates anything. People vary so much, whether it's VN or MAV. Although headaches can be more prevalent on waking. With me it depends, sometimes a day of moving around worsens me - particulary around my period, at other times it can make me feel better.

Regarding your question on another thread about amitriptylene. This is a member of the tricyclic anti - depressant family of drug. It is used to treat neck pain, and migraine - they use it less for depression now that [email protected] (Prozac etc) have become more popular. The other MAV sufferer I know tried ami with no luck. Everyone is different, as you see it helped Wowweee. The MAV sufferer I know is now trying sanomigraine - same as Jen, and is seeing amazig improvements. I know 3 people with MAV who have got better with sanomigraine. It's definitely one to ask your doc about if the drugs you are on don't work. I am about to take (I think, lol) propanolol hydrochloride - beta blockers - another thing they try. They gave me them rather than sano as the big draw back with sano is massively increased appetite. Then again, if it cures you, I doubt you end up caring about that.