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Ok, so I went to a new doctor yesterday, and showed him my test results and the article. He insisted that a tsh level of 3.05 is normal and won't do any testing. :(

He says that my symptoms are because I'm not sleeping well. He prescribed prozac. He said that after 8-10 days, I should start to sleep well.

When i got home, I called the only 2 Endocrinologists in my area, and both refused to see me because I was not referred by a doctor.

I am at a total loss. Any advice?

Ok, so I filled my mom in on what the doctor yesterday said. She is apalled that he prescribed me prozac to help me sleep.

She called her doctor today and made an appointment for me with her on the 25th of May.

My mom said that she is not going to have me go through what she had to go through to get her hypothyroid diagnosed, so she is going with me and is going to INSIST that the proper tests are done.

lol......that's my mom.....more feisty than me. Hopefully (keep your fingers crossed) this will be resolved soon.

Once again today I don't feel well. Ugh. This is horrible.