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I've never seen an alternative doc but here's what I have experienced.
I was a TOTAL wreck emotionally. Kept going to my regular doc. Did Prozac AND Xanax at the same time for different reason. Neither med helped at all for the depression. Was told I had anxiety and was depressed. Went to the ER because I was afraid I was going to kill myself. I was emotionally a WRECK! And I made everyone else around me a wreck too. 8 months after all this started happening, I was dx'd with hypothyroidism. My meds are still being adjusted but I am happy today. My anxiety is gone and I want to live a long and happy life. And you know what? It's amazing how when I started feeling better and thinking more clearly, everyone else around me became happier too. My dh and I nearly divorced over this. Now we're working on rebuilding our lives and we're much much happier.
Is your thyroid problem under control now or are you going through the med adjustment stage? This could be playing a MAJOR role in your emotional issues.
I had lots of emotional problems (some of which are still with me) but I can deal with them much better now-and WITHOUT Prozac or Xanax or any other med like that.