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Hi Tapio,

I wish someone here could give you an answer, but I think the reason you have not had many replies is because no one CAN give you an answer. BUT.....do not give up if you are feeling ill!!! My little story: I have always felt "ill" off and on and often things just did not seem right - headaches, muscle aches, weakness, tingling, minor twitching that I could feel inside but was not visible from the outside, etc. I have been to so many doctors and basically have had everything blamed on anxiety and stress. I did start taking a small dose of Prozac and that did help me so I figured that I was causing my own anxiety, in other words, because I always felt tired and weak I would stress and then my heart would palpatate and stress would run its whole show and I was not even aware of it. BUT------a couple of months ago I woke up with pain I cannot even describe down my leg and a few other symptoms and ended up at the emergency room. That finally led to someone taking me a bit more seriously, and low and behold they find I have a congential small spinal cord which has caused spinal stenosis which has caused 2 of my disc to herniate and 1 of my disc to buldge which has caused the pressure on my nerves which has caused my headaches, naseau, weakness, numbness, and pain. Did you get the part that it was congential, meaning I was born with it, meaning it is not all in my head!?!?!? The reason I tell this story is to urge you to write down everything you feel and be persistant with your doctors. Also, be willing to accept the fact that it could be stress no matter how much you don't want to believe it. Many doctors feel that if you have not had some kind of injury to damage your nerves or body then it is probably stress, but there are those of us who do not fit the mold. I don't know if your condition exists because of a true physical problem, or because of stress. Please consider all reasons why you are feeling the way you do and please update us on how you are doing. I hope you find out something!!! Good luck!
I see that you have been visiting your regular doctor. Perhaps you should suggest visiting a specialist (orthopedic doctor) to run some tests (MRI) on your back to see if maybe that is the cause of your troubles.

I would continue on with your quest to find out where your pain is coming from. Perhaps you may want to try some type of Prozac drug to see if it helps, in case your pain is anxiety related. (Just because you were happy at the time of symptoms doesn't mean it isn't stress.) Isn't the bottom line you want the pain to stop!!

I am new to the board and would love to know how you are doing.
Hang in there!